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"All that is necessary for inertia to prevail is that good women do nothing"
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Michelle Bilek ONDP Candidate


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A different type of politician!   A different style of government!

New Ideas for a better Canada, Ontario and Community - a fair society:
  • Follow a citizen-centric framework for government decision making - put people first
  • Define and implement a socially responsible economic framework that supports business and rewards socially responsible enterprise management
  • Facilitate innovation to position Canada, Ontario and Mississauga as a leader in new business development
  • Define and implement a program for sustainable full employment - from skills deficit to world leadership
  • Lift all Canadians out of poverty in one generation
  • Mandate responsible environmental stewardship to protect the environment for future generations
  • Restore Canada as a leader for peace and human rights on the world stage

       "Don't let them tell you it can't be done!"
                                                                                                            Jack Layton

Mississauga-Erindale NDP
Provincial Candidate
Michelle Bilek

MISSISSAUGA — In an increasingly partisan political world — where attacking your opponent is the most frequent strategy used by all parties and most candidates —  Mississauga-Erindale NDP candidate Michelle Bilek plans to stand out by avoiding the dirt-dishing in the next provincial election campaign.

"I will focus on articulating NDP action plans to address your issues rather that waste words refuting the non-inclusive agenda of the two major parties," Bilek said last night at the Britannia Glen co-op, where she accepted the nomination to run for the NDP in the riding of Mississauga-Erindale.

Mississauga News June 26, 2013: NDP Candidate will bring positive change to Ontario

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Michelle Bilek elected to Regional Diversity Roundtable Board of Directors
Thursday June 27, 2013:  In recognition of her ongoing commitment to give voice to society's less fortunate, unrecognized or neglected, Michelle was elected to the Board of Directors of the Peel Regional Diversity Roundtable.

Michelle Bilek Elected to Provincial NDP Executive
On Friday April 13, 2012 at the Ontario NDP Convention Michelle was elected to the Provincial NDP Executive as the Central West Regional Caucus women's representative. Michelle said "I will work with all the Central West riding associations to bring greater communication between our ridings and the executive. I look forward to meeting you all!"

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